“Human Resource” as the term itself describes refers to the people who work commonly towards an organization. It includes both the people who work for a Company and the department responsible for managing resources related to employees.

Human Resource Management is the strategic approach to the effective management of people of a company such that they help their business gain a competitive edge.

From generations, humans have turned out to be the most important resource for any organisation as rest of the resources are dependent on them. But at the same time dealing with their behaviour, expectations and aspirations is the most tough and unpredictable.

HR department of any organisation plays a vital role as it is responsible for hiring right talent, constantly managing and boosting them, keeping a check on their needs and concerns and time to time increasing their morale. Keeping a check on a Company’s attrition rate is equally important and steps should be taken to retain the right talent.

Constant and regular employee engagement sessions should take place to better understand the behaviour of employees and solving their issues and problems as far as possible. This plays a major role in the retention of the right talent in the Company. Other employee benefits include developing compensation structures, parental leave programs, discounts and other benefits for employees.

The idea behind human resource management is that employees are able to more effectively and productively contribute to a Company’s goals and objectives.

Companies must make every effort to understand what employees do best and put them in roles where they can play to their full potential as much as possible.

The overall purpose of human resources is to ensure that the organisation is able to achieve success through people.

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