Participation in Divya Kaushal India’s Largest Job Fair for PwDs. (December 2019)

Just as Procure HR participated as Employer and Placement Partner in “Divya Kaushal” event to empower PwDs and bring them to mainstream either as employees or as entrepreneurs.

This national job fair and Ability expo was held at Dwarka, Delhi on 2nd and 3rd Dec 2019 exclusively for Divyangjan organized by NSDC(National Skill Development Corporation) and IDEA(Inclusive Divyangjan Enterpreneur Association).

Giving equal opportunities to people with disabilities will make them an integral part of the ecosystem by making our workplace more diverse and creating an environment where people with disabilities are able to work, earn, have a fulfilling career and are able to lead life with dignity.

Our takeaway from this event was that, organizations need to be more innovative to make systems disabled friendly and operationally efficient. Individuals like us can also contribute to the effort not only as supportive peers but also as active volunteers, fund raisers, educators or sometimes good listeners. It’s important to recognize that differently abled people need our Compassion not pity.