In a world flooded with information, digital content, and casual ambiguities every company needs to strengthen the dynamics of the HR component to transform into a brand. We at ProCURE HR firmly believe that HR is the nucleus of any organization irrespective of any size or industry.

ProCURE HR’s school of thought aspires to build an immaculate HR service platform for corporates who are yearning to make a great impression and to dominate the business landscape. We are a formidable team of HR professionals helping you scale and sustain your businesses enabling long-term growth and profitability. We work closely with the management team & employees as Shared Services partners using tech-enabled tools with PAN India presence and Industry-wide experience.

ProCURE HR is committed to women empowerment and also wants to bring much-required change in HR ecosystem by filling the gaps which exist in available manpower and requirements at corporates as One-stop Virtual HR Partners #HRDOCTORS!

Our service model is built on the philosophy of dynamic capabilities; our clientele can define their suite according to their needs.

Shared Services
At ProcureHR instead of a normal HR approach we have transitioned to an HR shared services approach. This can become a real solution when a company expands rapidly

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Statutory Compliances
Today the domain of statutes of labor laws is constantly evolving, and it takes a special agility to keep abreast of all the latest developments and ensure compliance are in place

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Unlike any futuristic HR service provider we offer a boutique style staffing services. ProcureHR has been immensely successful in creating a pan India network of highly adept

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Learning & Development
Our Training and Development Division is created to promote and foster individual and organizational effectiveness by developing and offering an array of innovative and diverse programs

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Sambhav - 2nd
Strategy Meet
(Jan 2020)

Divya Kaushal

Participation in India’s
Largest Job Fair for
PwDs (Dec 2019)


HR Session Mandideep
Madhya Pradesh
(Nov 2019)


Ekachith - One Mind | One
People - Gurgaon
(May 2019)



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I'm proud to say that I will soon be celebrating my 3rd anniversary working at ProcureHR I truly feel very secure to work in such a family, friendly atmosphere. I can easily brag about progressive HR services that we have to offer to our clientele. We take pride in promoting ourselves as #HRDOCTORS. ProcureHR is a special place to work when it comes to women empowerment. It inspires us to work for a company who honestly wants to do right by their customers and employees at the same giving us the freedom to work on flexi hours from home. It would be easy to work for a different company to get a heavy paycheck but not just any company can create a culture that makes me excited   to work every day like “SHEROES!"

Poorva Dhand - ProCURE HR,
I am passionate about what I do, go the extra mile to achieve the goals which give me a sense of purpose. Thank ProCURE-HR for giving me an opportunity to explore my potential and have many win-win situations. It’s a great place for learning, resulting in, adding value to the organization and self.S Shaktika Padmana - ProCURE HR,
Procure HR specializes in giving customized HR Consultancy to their clients, the team has a unique way of connecting to their clients and make a long term bonding with them. We are given opportunities for cross-learning with immense freedom to contribute. Working here feels like extended family as the organization believes in giving women a chance to live and create roles for themselves in the corporate world.Tulika Guha - ProCURE HR,
Procure-HR has a very conducive environment that enables the learning and career growth of an individual. The leadership is very transparent and approachable and believes in nurturing talent.  What I truly like about working here is that how it is focused on its people. Ideas are always welcome and innovation is encouraged. The working environment is very flexible which truly has empowered me as a working mother and helps me balance my work and home. ProcureHR’s uniqueness lies in its ability to bring together clients and internal experts and help them build a stronger relationship and help them get the best talent from industry thus enabling their profit and business.Shipra Sinha - ProCURE HR,
ProCURE -HR has given me a great opportunity to work in an organization that is transparent and open to working with. It’s a great privilege for me to work in this company Since we have the freedom to work from home, we are truly a family who are virtually connected. It is a one Stop Solution for all the HR Services under one umbrella. The uniqueness of our team is we have 90% of females/women entrepreneurs working.Munmun Biswas - ProCURE HR,
Work environment:- Procure HR has an employee-friendly environment to work its key belief is work-life balance. What you like about working here:- The team and the way we are working as a family Women empowerment:- having the advantage of managing family without sacrificing the career Our uniqueness in providing HR services:- Being virtual but make our presence feel to the client as HR by giving them solutions and helping them to become tech-friendly as we make their processes automated by using multiple HRMS platform.Swati Modak - ProCURE HR,