Sambhav - 2nd Strategy Meet (January 2020)

The workshop was held in the cleanest city of India- Indore.

Indore is famous for its cleanliness and also is the hub for many educational institutes. It also considered as the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh. Apart from this the city has a diverse culture and has multiple culinary cuisines.

The theme for the event was “Sambhav” which means possible, was focussed on our “EKACHITH” mindset to explore all possibilities by committing and challenging ourselves each day to achieve our company objectives and meet the client's aspirations at the same time.  Sambhav was also defined as SamBhav  (समभाव) – which we as an organization believes is the culture – we redefined it as we believe we as HR company can make a difference.

Sambhav was special because for the first time we had conducted a VOC (Voice of Customer) wherein we invited our customers to hear their views and inputs about ProCURE HR.

We also had Training Stalwarts as mentors, guides during the sessions, and introduced our strong Leadership and Management team to all employees…Let’s see some glimpses.