We help a business or organizations to develop their strategies and grow in every way possible and facilitate you to deal with a wide range of services such as risk analysis, key performance index, etc.  However multiple India entry consulting firms are coming up in this country, so why choose us? What is it that can make us appear distinctively noticeable from the lot? These are only two of the many questions that might be making rounds in your head.

 At ProCURE HR, we provide an immaculate suite of HR shared services to our clients, and the four mentioned below could be considered the best. 


The recruitment function is one of the most significant responsibilities carried out by an HR specialist. While recruiting an individual, HR not only focuses on adding value to the company; but also has to map their capabilities and as per our client requirement. At ProCURE HR we ensure that we provide the best fitment. That is the biggest secret behind the success of our company. The India entry advisory companies like us always tend to provide top-notch recruitment services.

The times have changed with the advent of new industries with varied job roles. What has accompanied the collective newness is the birth of new expectations. Employers and employees both expect different things from each other than they used to back then. Staying updated with the latest market trends, implementing the same, and adjusting our strategy accordingly are the leading reasons that mark us differently. Our TA experts at ProCURE HR have made it their ultimate aim to give quality before quantity. The India entry consulting firms are responsible for this.

Learning and Development 

Learning and development are two tributaries of the same river: 

● Learning means enhancing the knowledge that will prepare an employee for a prospective job. 

● Development helps improve their acquired knowledge with specific goals in mind. 

While recruitment adds value to the department, it can only grow if appropriately nurtured. Here is where our department of learning and development comes into the picture. 

A single department can comprise more than five people, and each of them will be unique from one another. Therefore, each of their methods of development will also differ from one another. While group activities result in a lot of engagement, it is sometimes more important to pay attention to each of the employees individually, and ProCURE HR does just that because they come under the comprehensive India entry advisory companies.

To be perfectly candid, we cannot deny your claim right away. It will take more time than usual, so we have an optimum number of specialists ready in our team to take on all the employees. We always tend to have a solution to a problem, which is why our clients always come back to us. 

We realize that some employees have more experience than others, so we arrange specific training for them. It would not be easy to acquire if we only focus on group training and group development. There is a common saying that goes around our office that all of us firmly believe: “L&D—from evolution to revolution.” 

Statutory Compliance 

Labour laws are continually developing in India, to which our international business consultants would also agreeAs you already know, being informed on the current trends is just one thing about which we are ardently passionate. To briefly understand statutory compliance, it is a domain that deals with specific laws to regulate professionalism in the workspace and ensure the employees’ safety. 

We ensure that statutory compliance lets an employee receive their reimbursement on time and takes care of something like the installment of creches for working mothers’ assistance. As you can make out from these two, it serves more purposes than just workplace safety.  India entry advisory companies with the help of an International business consultant can resolve all your legal queries.

However, our services are not limited to just that. The following list will let you have a glance at the ways we can help you with statutory compliance: 

● Payroll Compliances (PF/ ESI/ PT etc.)

● Utilizing Manpower Cost optimization tools administered by several government schemes

● HR Compliance Audit

● Factories Act Compliances

● POSH / POSCO training/ representing in POSH committees

● We are setting up / tying up for Crèches in the organization.

● Shops and Commercial Establishment Compliances

There is another aspect that we are pretty firm about: women empowerment. We believe that to become the best, we need all hands-on deck, and thus, we are way too prepared to fill out that gap. 

Shared Services 

Shared services are as simple as they sound. It deals with services like payroll, HR transactions, etc. It is only the regular chores carried out by an HR, but with a strategic bent of mind — the word ‘shared’ makes the difference. Following a single model or an HR Shared Services model will keep everything organized and easily accessible.  The India entry consulting firms like Procure HR are great and experienced in this area.

We are process-wise very automated; hence we use state-of-the-art software to manage all the employees from the different departments instead of taking turns and using different software. 

What Services Do We Offer? 

● Policy formulation

● Succession Planning

● Standard Operating Process (SOPs)

● Statutory Compliance

● Employee Evaluation

● Payroll Administration

● Exit Management

● Employee Engagement

If you are from India and are looking to hire an HR specialist or an entry consulting firm, ProCURE HR is one of the leading markets. To know more about us, give us a call at +91-95556-26260, and we will get back to you.