Talent Acquisition Consultants

Talent Acquisition Consultants

Your business is growing, but do you have the resources you need to drive your business success? As your company grows, HR and payroll become more complex. Therefore, it is imperative for you to have the right people and in the right positions to continue to grow your company. However, building an internal HR team can be an expensive affair, risk-laden, and time-consuming, especially if you are a small to medium-sized business.

Would you rather not have a cost-effective option for talent acquisition, payroll, and human resources that work like a charm? And, what if you could get all of these wrapped together into one attractive package? Leave it to Procure HR, a professional end-to-end HR solutions service provider for small to medium-sized businesses!

At Procure HR, we strive to help businesses transform the talent acquisition process and streamline it to meet their company goals and business needs. We have robust processes, experienced consultants, years of experience, access to top-notch technology and talent insights to deliver. So when you hire us, be rest assured that talent acquisition within your company will turn into a strategic business-impacting function, all thanks to our skilled talent acquisition consultants and recruiters.

How Does Talent Acquisition Consulting at Procure HR Work?

Led by industry experts, our team of talent acquisition consultants is ready to partner with your company to ensure you have access to the best talent that you need for your company. From employment branding to market research to tech stack consulting, our consultants will help you identify and access both the internal and external forces that impact your business. The talent insights we provide are always backed by data and are sure to propel your business forward.

What Is the Difference Between a Talent Acquisition Consultant and a Recruiter?

Recruitment refers to filling open positions in a company. And a recruiter helps you find the right people to fill those spots. Talent acquisition, on the other hand, focuses on your company’s long-term talent acquisition strategy. Talent acquisition consultants use technology and data to determine what talent your business will need to succeed, not just today but also in the future. 

Unlike recruitment, talent acquisition is not a linear process. It is, in fact, a cycle of continuous, never-ending improvement. The talent acquisition consultants at Procure HR work closely with you to understand how new technologies and processes can impact your business even before they can be implemented.

This will help your company build a business case that you can use in the future. We analyze your company’s needs and its ability to change and adapt and thereafter calculate your anticipated ROI. This data will help you with the information that you need to ensure that your company has the budget and the right resources for the transformation that you envision. 

If you are a start-up or a small-sized company, you will likely need employment branding, payroll outsourcing services, talent, insights, and an experienced talent acquisition consultant by your side. Contact Procure HR, your one-stop destination for all your HR needs. Call us today at +91-896-307 5111 for more details on the many HR shared services that we offer. 

Talent Acquisition Consultants (FAQs)

What Does a Talent Acquisition Consultant Do?

A talent acquisition consultant forecasts recruiting needs, sources potential candidates through multiple channels, cultivates connections with hiring managers and prospects and assesses candidates’ performance through assignments and interviews.

How Much Does a Talent Acquisition Consultant Make?

In India, the average annual salary that a talent acquisition consultant receives is ₹6,44,687. The salary scale for a fresher working in various sectors ranges from 2.5 to 4.5 lacs, depending on the candidate’s skills and knowledge. However, as time and professional experience pass, the remuneration package improves. To keep employees satisfied, companies often offer pay raises once or twice a year along with other monetary awards such as incentives, leaves, flexible work schedules, and other benefits.

How Do I Get into Talent Acquisition?

Qualities to become successful in talent acquisition:

  •     Get a job in an HR or similar position
  •     Interpersonal and communication abilities should be exceptional
  •     Must have an eye for talent detection

Is Talent Acquisition the Same As HR?

Although the job descriptions may match to some extent, HR and talent acquisition are two different streams. It is the job of an organization’s HR to fill openings. On the other hand, talent acquisition is a long-term plan for the firm to find specialists, leaders, and future executives. Therefore, long-term human resource planning and locating qualified applicants for positions that demand a very specialized skill set typically emphasize talent acquisition.

Is Talent Acquisition a Promising Career?

The more time you spend in your career, the more successful you become. Furthermore, you will quickly advance up the corporate ladder. Talent acquisition professionals help organizations establish a brand that attracts more specialized talent. The talent acquisition sector offers several prospects for career advancement as well as learning and development.

What Makes a Good Talent Acquisition Specialist?

To become a good talent acquisition specialist, you must ensure having the following skills:

  •     Active listening skills
  •     Communication skills
  •     Learning skills
  •     Planning skills
  •     Relationship-building skills
  •     Analytical skills
  •     Empathy and social skills
  •     Tech skills

Processes for generating and identifying high-quality candidates are critical. Every company recruits talent differently, so make sure your strategy consistently generates desirable candidates. Furthermore, the method through which you track applicants will differ based on the size of your company and the scope of your search.

What Is the Difference Between a Talent Acquisition Specialist and a Recruiter?

The terms “talent acquisition” and “recruitment” are sometimes misinterpreted to be the same. Recruiting implies that you are looking to hire someone, anyone, to fill a position. On the other hand, the practice of strategically looking for specialists, future executives, leaders, or other competent people for a specific role is known as talent acquisition.

Talent acquisition is becoming more common, and it usually necessitates some marketing methods to bring the opportunity to the attention of specific, qualified people.