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HR Consulting Services

The HR consulting services are readily available at Procure HR. OUR TOP-NOTCH PROFESSIONALS AT PROCURE HR provides HR solutions in India for small businesses with a complete setup of operations, payroll outsourcing, and HR shared services.

What is Human Resource (HR) Consulting?

HR Consulting is a service of expert guidance and strategic advisory delivered by a third party businesses to get the most out of the efficiency of their HR operations. Also, they can implement suitable new policies and procedures in the most acceptable way possible. Companies often appreciate them for their ability to bring an outsider’s unbiased view.

A particular discrepancy is brought into the address of Human Resource consultancies frequently. They are tasked with assessing, examining, suggesting, and implementing a policy designed to address the deficit and drive organizational change.

Human Resource Consulting in India

The current state of affairs of HR Consulting Services in India is not very encouraging. In recent times people consider HR Consulting, a company that primarily deals in recruiting resources and staffing, which is just a tiny part of what a pure HR outsourcing services firm can do.  In India, companies offering recruitment as a service call themselves an HR consulting firm, which is not the right way to put it.

It has created a perspective in the people’s mind that every HR consulting firm is just confined to recruitment services only. Henceforth to change this perception, many Human resources consultancies in India have started promoting themselves as the end-to-end HR business consulting firm to get the right clients. The human resources (HR) consulting services are made especially for those companies that have complex employee management systems.

What does an HR consulting firm do?

During current market dynamics and worldwide competitive pressures have caused organizations to spend more time concentrating on their core businesses. Therefore, organizations are inclined to choose, and they do what they will do and outsource everything else. 

Human Resource Outsourcing includes outsourcing managerial tasks such as payroll, welfares, education/training, recruiting, workforce planning, and administration. All these things come under human resources consulting services. 

An HR Consultancy took care of all the tasks that are mentioned in the texts above. These tasks required exceptional skills and expertise. It can take a lot of time for the owner or head not very competent with the ever-changing compliance rules and regulations. So to make things easier, organizations hire HR consultancies to manage their HR.

HR Consulting for Small Businesses- A – Progress Booster

Organizations are made up of people and work through people.  These resources by themselves cannot achieve the objectives of the organizations. They need to be united into a team. It covers all the aspects of mutual labors of these people that material and financial resources are fruitfully utilized to accomplish shared objectives. 

Effective HR formulations perhaps one of the most significant essential investments that any small business can make to continue developing!  After all, employee retention and acceptance are vital elements required for small businesses to grow. The HR services for small businesses, therefore, are created for the upliftment of small organizations.

With a global pandemic moving many businesses to remote work and social activities triggering leaders to reflect their own core culture and processes, prioritizing HR strategy is more critical than ever.  Many businesses that made the essential modifications have correspondingly brought some possible negative impacts on employee engagement, compensation, and morale. For instance, some owners had to delay their planned appraisals and promotions due to the pandemic’s effects, affecting employee morale and productivity.

HR Consulting For Small Business- How?

Small businesses need to turn to an HR consultant as it is their best bet to ensure that they are not missing any vital opportunities to improve strategies or systems. 

So if a business has decided to hire an HR consulting firm or another HR service, it should follow some critical steps. It is particularly true for smaller businesses that haven’t yet worked with a consultant or third-party vendor. Follow this general outline of steps:

  • Outline your needs : Why do you need the services of an HR firm? Is there a particular issue that needs addressing or a gap in your current HR processes that needs resolving? Or you might not have any HR policies in place yet. Properly defining your needs will focus on your needs with a company and give them a better idea of your needs.
  • Discussion with key stakeholders: Ensure your whole leadership team is onboard hiring an HR consultancy firm or external service. For small businesses, this can be one or two people, but a united understanding of your HR needs will still avert confusion, wasted time, or rejection down the line.
  • Putting out your expectations : It means putting out in real terms what you expect from your connection with a consultant or other third-party service. The most important guidelines to consider are the general budget, start date, and timeframe. You’ll need these later when you begin reaching out to candidates.
  • Proper Research: Researching the correct Human Resource Consulting in India is very necessary you need to check with the company what all services they offer how efficient they are.

As the HR services for small businesses whenever availed by mid-size companies. It has managed and appropriate services with versatile facilities for all these organizations.

The HRMS software companies also play an important role in this matter for various types of HR services for small businesses and human resources consulting services etc.

At Procure HR, we have various training & development services to train & develop young and dynamic people with the help of experienced talent acquisition consultants

Frequently-Asked Questions

HR consultants deliver complete HR solutions across many areas through a single point of contact to help your company succeed. Their tailored HR solutions are created depending on the demands of the organization, making them an ideal fit for the company. Through unique approaches, HR services for small businesses effectively create a difference in Human Resource Management.

HR consultants’ roles and responsibilities often include:

  • Advising the company’s management regarding the implementation of HR policies and procedures.
  • Analyzing and suggesting solutions to a company’s present HR initiatives. 
  • HR policies development, revision, and implementation.

A senior Human Resources consultant will charge anything from $165 to $250 per hour plus expenses. However, these rates are dynamic and are subject to change depending on the specific requirements of each project.

The average hourly rate of Human Resources Consulting Services in India can be anywhere between $165 to $250 per hour plus expenses.

An independent HR consultant can bill for services in a variety of ways:

  • Hourly Basis: When choosing this option, certain consultants may require a minimum amount of hours (varying from two to five). Depending on the nature of the task, a daily or half-day rate/fee is charged.
  • Flat Rate: This is applicable for longer-term projects like creating an employee handbook or building performance management and assessment systems.
  • Retainer: A retainer is a one-time payment made by a client to secure a certain date or contract. Retainers can be utilized in combination with any of the above-mentioned payment options.

An HR department in a small business develops rules and processes that provide a fair working environment. They also work to resolve conflicts and listen to employees’ concerns so that they feel heard. All of this adds to the seamless operation of your organization and empowers workers to do their best job.

Small enterprises do require some form of human resources support. Human resources experts can accomplish a lot of things for a company that other employees simply cannot.

Here are the four most common types of HR:

  • Employment specialist
  • Human resources coordinator
  • Recruitment manager
  • Payroll manager