With the health ministry saying that Indians have to live with CoVID 19, indicating that there is no tapering off of the disease and we would be required to make changes to our lifestyle and adapt to social distancing and sanitation in the times to come.

Keeping in the above in mind the MD of one of our client company (PERFACT Group) Mr. Praveen Bhargava have suggested some guidelines that a person need to follow to remain fit and healthy.

“To keep yourself healthy and fit, always eating a balanced diet means food should consist of grains, cereals, vegetables, milk or milk products, and seasonal fruits. Due to recent Pandemic of the corona, we need to follow the following guidelines: “

At House

  1. There should be a hand sanitizer at the entry door so that whosoever entering should sanitize then enter.
  2. After that wash hands, face, and exposed portion with soap.
  3. Wash all the fruits and vegetables with warm water.
  4. Wipe all material coming to the house with sanitizer.
  5. Keep the house clean and ventilated all the time.
  6. Whenever not feeling well take body temperature, consult a doctor rather than self-meditation.
  7. Always eat food in hot condition (except cold items like ice cream)
  8. Wash the clothes by soap followed by a rinse in hot water.
  9. There should be an internet connection with one computer at home (This can be used for students in the house for online classes and work from home).

During Travelling

  1. Always cover yourself with some light cloths (preferably waterproof) apart from usual clothing. This will be useful when passing through the sanitization tunnel.
  2. Keep a small pouch or bottle of sanitizer or wet tissues all the time.
  3. Keep a face mask all time and wear on entering public places and public transport.
  4. Keep yourself 1-1.5 m away from others or keep your face opposite to others' faces.
  5. Wipe or sanitize your hand before touching any handle or seat.

During Eating Out

  1. Always prefer FSSAI certified restaurants/hotels/food outlets
  2. Sanitize your hands before touching anything.
  3. Wash hands with soap before taking food.
  4. Maintain a safe distance (1 M) with others.
  5. Avoid crowded places.
  6. Always take bottled water.

At Shopping Malls/Cinemas/Hotels

  1. Prefer malls/cinemas with sanitization facilities.
  2. Prefer Mall/cinemas with HEPA filters in their ventilation.
  3. Prefer Mall/Cinemas where there is a dedicated First Aid/medical room.
  4. Prefer places with ISO 14001 and ISO 18001.
  5. Sanitize your hands before touching anything.
  6. Wash hands with soap before taking any food.
  7. Keep a distance of 1-1.5 m with another person.
  8. Do not touch anything at the shop without sanitization of hand.

At Office

  1. Sanitizer to be placed at reception. To sanitize on entering the office.
  2. Keep your light clothing (covering normal clothing) in your bag.
  3. Sanitizer to be placed in each room. To sanitize on entering the room.
  4. Keep a face mask at reception if someone comes without a mask.
  5. Keep liquid soap at each washroom. Wash hands with soap before taking any food.
  6. The food and eatables should preferably be from FSSAI APPROVED outlets.
  7. The packing of all eatables coming to the office should be wiped with sanitizer.
  8. On completing the duty put light clothing and sanitize your hands before leaving the office.


  1. Always carry photo ID & emergency phone number (friend or relative)
  2. Always keep your medical history and medication.

We thank Mr. Praveen Bhargava for taking out time to write and we also hope that this article would help people to make necessary changes in their lifestyle.

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