As a proactive manager, you need to tell your HR department, what it is you really need.

Now that could sound like a lot of added work for you, but if HR hears from you and from a lot of other managers in your organization, they’re far more likely to adapt to the needs of a rapidly changing world. Well, a traditional HR outsourcing companies have two major functions, helping to find and develop the best possible workers for the organization, and a whole bunch of administrative activities.

But those two functions require two totally different mindsets, and often they need completely different kinds of people to perform them. But if you’ve made your team’s deliverable a pool of problems to be solved. You’re in a much better position to leverage what your HR consulting services can do for you.

Help HR to understand the problems that you need to solve. We provide HR outsourcing services, payroll outsourcing services with information about the team’s insights into the kinds of skills that are needed to perform those tasks. Take the time that’s necessary to brainstorm with HR Shared Services, the kinds of knowledge and experiences that could be transferable, and expand the pool of available workers.

Rather than serving as a gatekeeper keeping people out of the organization, it needs to function more like a router in a computer network, guiding a flow of people to the right places within the organization, where they can find or create the greatest fit. This doesn’t just apply to candidates for full-time and long-term work, it applies to consultants, partner organizations, any resource that’s going to help you get the work of your group done. And it doesn’t just apply to new candidates for work to be done. It applies to the people who are already doing work for the organization, as well.

If you’re going to be a proactive manager in a constantly changing world, you have a responsibility to help your HR department to understand the ways that they can continually partner with you, to deliver the results that you need.

Good luck!

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