Given that the coronavirus has officially reached the 'pandemic' status, shifting to the 'home office' has become the new normal for many of us. Employees are finding themselves being thrown into the deep end of adapting work from home. We as an employee need to find out how you & we can make this transition an engaging one. Also, read about a few evidence-based practical suggestions that will help you alleviate stress during the COVID-19.

Thus, your most urgent requirement is to stay busy and connected with work. Establish and follow a proactive routine to manage time optimally and get the results you seek. Work diligently and don't miss the daily team call routine. Volunteer for additional tasks and deliver within deadlines. Next, check out online training programs offered or assigned by your firm and set aside an hour daily to complete them.

If the lockdown gets extended further, make plans for the next 6 months to a year. Firstly, build business scenarios for a post-lockdown environment along with your team. How will the market look like? What will be the impact on clients and vendors? Will they take your services, pay on time or continue to serve you? How will your answers change if the disease and economic impact are more severe or less severe than you imagined? Formulate your team's plans for different scenarios. Secondly, use loc use lockdown time to map your industry. Conduct research on your competition, suppliers, and customers, key managers in different companies by reading up industry journals, press releases and public financial information. Nevertheless when you are back at a normal work routine your learning & understanding will prove critical to your organization.

Your work habits have been reshaped and so has your manager's. What may have been taboo to you earlier is no longer so. Identify how your old way of being and thinking was restricting your growth and how you can restore new learning and thought processes into your life. Finally, contemplate on the meaning of work for you.

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