Our framework of L&D is focused to create a culture where managers want to develop their team members and are valued for that effort, and where all employees are encouraged to learn new skills and share them. And with all other corporate initiatives, the HR outsourcing companies has designed a virtual platform to promote this culture..

At ProcureHR we have created a Digital workplace to provide ways for employees to collaborate on work projects and interact with each other regardless of their location. This would enhance social collaboration, sourcing skills and experience, and interacting with peers throughout the company. We firmly believe that by using L&D mechanism, developing talent is the best and cheapest way to staff from the human resources consulting services perspective.

Precisely the greatest benefit of L&D in a digital workplace for employee lies in its knowledge management capabilities. Training materials, like documents, presentations and recorded training sessions, can be stored in a dedicated workspace in your company intranet, making them accessible to immediate search, access and use by employees. More importantly, in the same manner, the company’s knowledge can be encapsulated in documents, forums, wiki pages, blogs and conversations, and then stored in a searchable database that an employee can access and learn from as needed. We have created communications channels at our workplace that are synchronous (like chats and video-conferencing) or asynchronous (like activity streams conversations and forums) can be used to enhance the training & development services and coaching experiences for all employees, whatever their location.

Last but not the least, promoting internal mobility through training leads to a more engaged and loyal workforce. While new talent pool remains necessary, ideally it should not represent the majority of the IT staffing companies. Overall, developing talent acquisition consultants to staff ever-changing company needs through Introducing learning opportunities at digital workplace will maximize the value of all of your L&D programs.

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