Before the end of any event or year for that matter, we mentally prepare for what’s to come. “Will I land that client?” “Which candidates will I meet this year?” Or, “What will the year 2020 bring for my industry?”

  • There are many trends that are data and tech-related that are truly impacting our market at the moment, whether they be enhanced AI to improve search functionality or other tech advancements that are altering the way in which we engage with both candidates and clients. But we genuinely believe that the biggest trend for next year will definitely be candidate-led. We truly believe that we are about to see a level of skills shortage in the professional disciplines, the likes of which we have not experienced for about a decade. Therefore, a highly evolved candidate experience and engagement strategy will be critical for all recruiters to ensure that once they find these elusive candidates, they can retain them and work with them to a successful outcome. Candidates (just like any other consumer) have a right to expect a high degree of professionalism from their trusted recruitment partners. Those who step up and continue to improve on their candidate experience journey will win the day!”
  • Recruiters and IT/HR Recruitment Services Partners need to be more careful about the business they take on, so they are not wasting time on unprofitable work. This move towards rejecting “bad business” in favor of commercially sustainable business will be the biggest trend to impact the recruitment industry in 2020.
  • “Candidate ghosting! As ghosting has become such a part of this modern world, candidates who are confident that their skills are in-demand will ghost recruiters and talent acquisition who don’t treat them well during the recruitment life cycle. We can expect to see a sharp increase as people become even more confident in researching companies and recruiters online before deciding to reply to an email or make a job application. HR outsourcing companies who continue to ignore review sites and their social media footprints, their hiring manager’s behavior, and those who continue to place processes and technology in the way of the human experience, will suffer the most. Companies who invest in developing the irreplaceable human resources consulting services of their recruiters, clear the roadblocks in their hiring, and place candidate-centric technology firmly at the heart of what they do, will put themselves in the best position to reduce candidate ghosting in 2020 and beyond.”

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